Friday, July 4, 2014

A Source of Inspiration

Hey everyone,
Popping in to let you know that although we've closed the shop we're still going to keep this blog up so that you can use it as a source of inspiration.  Our designers have created beautiful projects and we want to keep this avenue open for you to enjoy. 

Thanks again to our teams, fans and friends!

Yumi & Fumi Handmade

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Birthday Banner Wish

Hey Everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wanted to share the beautiful projects from Team Yumi & Team Fumi from yesterday.  In case you were wondering here's what they spell out...
Happy Birthday!

Pretty AWEMAZING stuff.  I've never seen a more festive or wonderfully planned blog hop.  
Well done ladies!

And that's a wrap!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Give us an H

Cebelica used Yumi from the original Y&FH release,
 along with gorgeous DP, roses, and Hand rolled flowers...
all in Renate,s favorite colors.

Such a pretty way to start/end a project.


All of us on the Design Team wish for lots of good things to come your way today and in the years to come. We appreciate your hard work, compassion and everything you did for us. We hope today we were able to show you how much you mean to us!

We want to thank you and Leanne for being awesome bosses and always taking great care of us. This has been an amazing we will treasure for a lifetime!! We have formed some amazing friendships from being on this Design Team. And we hope you know that we are always here for you both. 

I also want to say a special thank you to Denice, leader of Team Fumi, for coordinating this special birthday celebration for Renate and writing/scheduling all of these posts!! You did an amazing job girl!! Thank you also to Sheena for coming up with the banner idea and to the DT for creating the wonderful banner pieces....truly spectacular!!!  ~Love you girls, Rosie :)

Mahalo and until we meet again.....
Team Yumi and Team Fumi

Give us an A

Melissa has Summer Chuckles in smiles, but then....
who wouldn't be with a handful of balloons?!!


We hope you'll return at 6:00 pm PST for the last picture/piece of this fabulous creation.
 See you soon!

Give us a P

Rosie said you can't forget about Bob the Yeti!! He's here to give ya a big hug,
 and say, Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!

Have you guessed what this is yet? If not, you might NOT want to audition for Wheel of Fortune! Please join us at 5:00pm PST for another picture to this seemingly endless _ _ _ _ _ _.

Give us a P

Corrine has Winter Yumi looking so mod and stylin',
who wouldn't want to go out and celebrate with this girlie?
P is for the perfect PAR-TINI!
(a birthday cake flavored martini....YUM!)

We hope you return at 4:00 PST for another picture to this 
fabulous _ _ _ _ _ _ the DT has put together. 
As promised, we are almost to the end of a fun day.

Give us a Y

Chinese lanterns and bling make
Kathy's letter
Y a standout in any crowd!

With just a few more pictures to go, 
we hope you're having as much fun as we are in celebrating Renate's birthday.
3:00 pm PST will be the next show piece to this, we hope you will come back to join us!

Give us a B

Olivia found the perfect way to celebrate Renate's birthday
 by using
bright colors and gorgeous trimmings!
 Summer Yumi and the letter B make a great combination!

I think most of you have figured out what we are doing here....
but shhhhhh, just in case someone is still mulling it over.

See you in one hour, at 2:00 pm PST with another addition to this wonderful  _ _ _ _ _ _.

Give us an I

 Aaaack, did Debra put a foil hat on Summer Fumi's head?!
 Ha, it's only a party hat and Fumi is getting ready
to blow out
her clever letter
birthday candle!

It's becoming obvious what were doing here....right?!
If you are still wondering and want to join us, 
we'll be back again in one hour (1:00 pm PST) with another preview.

Give us an R

Sheena thought AJ was the perfect guy to start this party 

Yes, we do think we are clever because we think we've stumped you.
Want to find out if we have or not? Stop back at 12:00 pm (Noon) PST for another hint.

Give us a T

Lisa did a fabulous job coloring Winter Fumi
 in pink, it suits her to a

Hmmmmmm......are you still wondering what this is about?!
We can't give away any more clues until 11:00 am PST, 
don't forget to stop back!

Give us an H

Sheena, honus, and a Tiki.....
all wishing the birthday girl 
a happy, happy day
 with a capitol 

Think you have this figured out?
You'll have to stop back at 10:00 am PST for another piece to this puzzling post.
(Back to our regular Formatting in a little while!)

Happy Birthday Yumi!!

Denice placed Summer Fumi inside the letter D,
 then tried to camouflage Fumi with banners... 


Have you figured this out yet?
We hope you'll stop back at 9:00 am PST
to follow the next clue to this mysterious surprise for Renate.

 Blankina used gorgeous lace, along with
 Fumi with Turtle for a bright and cheery letter 


Denice used Yumi with Birdie and we all know
Y is for YUMI!!
Did you think you had seen the last of Y&FH?! 
Sadly, we had thought least until we realized we had one more birthday post to make!!
With that said, Team Yumi and Team Fumi have come together for one last celebratory post 
to make sure Renate has a BANNER day! 
Today we celebrate and wish our very own 
Yumi, aka Renate
the happiest of birthdays!
Starting with a few friends who wanted to join in the celebration:

Former Y&FH DT Eva Uyeunten sends her birthday wishes!

Eva's sweet card uses both Yumi and Fumi and an awesome banner!

Thanh Vo, a former Y&FH GD is counting down
 to Renate's birthday celebration.

Linda Tan sends her birthday wishes
 with this gorgeous card.

Lisa Hjulberg with the sweetest of wishes:
Happy Birthday, dear Renate!!!
 Happy birthday Rena!! I'm so sad I live so far away and can't celebrate with you in person but I hope you have an amazing birthday. Love you tons and I hope this year brings you amazing things!!
PS say hi to the monster for me!!
sends her wishes for happiness today and all year through!
Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you have a fantastic day.
Love Kat Vic Evan and Jacen
Happy, happy bday wishes RENNERS! Hope you have a wonderfu lday.
Much love,  Masako
wishing you a very happy birthday and I hope it's a wonderful year for you.
 Happy, happy birthday Rena!
Have a fantastic day filled with lots of smiles, love and good times.
I hope you enjoy your surprise today.
With lots of Aloha,
Leanne, aka Fumi
Stay tuned!
 More wishes and cards will are coming Renate's way today.....guaranteed!

Make sure to stop back at 6:00 am PST for an updated birthday post, you don't want to miss out on any of the celebratory fun!
Team Yumi & Team Fumi

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rosemary, Team Yumi - Mahalo!

Hello everyone,

This is the last showcase post which means it's time to say goodbye.  I hope you have not only enjoyed but been inspired by all the beautiful projects created by our very beloved and most talented team.  As you know we could not have done the kind of job we did without this supporting cast and we thank them daily for it.

We have one last Thank you showcase and this one is very bittersweet for us.  Rosemary of Rosemary's Creations is not only a team member, fantastic crafter, but a very good friend.  We first met via FB and then in person at CHA a year and a half ago.  Has it been that long? Wow, how time flies.  From the first she has always been sweet and kind.  The kind of person we new we'd get along with immediately.  She became a part of the first ohana and we were blessed when she continued to stay on as well as take on Team Yumi.

She has been a constant inspiration with her beautifully designed projects that just take our breath away.  Her coloring and attention to details rocks.  We were very fortunate, some would say lucky, that even though her schedule of teams became super full she still stayed on with us. Well they'd be right.  We have been in awe of the many designs she's produced and will definitely miss her.  Lucky for us we know where to find her. Yep on FB, hahaha!  We love this lady to pieces and call her sister for life.  Please take some time to enjoy some of the beautiful projects she created using Yumi & Fumi and the rest of the gang...

It's totally true, we can't thank you enough Rosie.  For all that you do and all that you are.  Mahalo for everything sister!!  We'll be seeing you in blogland, oh yea and of course on FB. ;) 

I hope you've enjoyed this super drawn out showcase as much as I enjoyed sharing it.  If you should ever need some inspiration all you have to do is look on our side bar and click on the names of these talented ladies both past, present and guest designers.  They all deserve it.

It's been a wonderful ride with all of you there to support us and we'll truly miss it.  If circumstances change we'll let you know.  Just keep checking back.  If you have any of our stamps and choose one to create a project with share with us.  Upload it to your Splitcoast Stampers album and use key word: yumifumi (no spaces) so we can come and admire it.  Pin it on Pinterest or upload it on our FB group.

Thanks for the memories and for helping us give life to our images.  When you think of Yumi & Fumi Handmade we hope it makes you smile then we know we did our job.

From our ohana to yours Mahalo, until we meet again...