Yumi & Fumi


We're Yumi & Fumi, but you might know us by our given names:
Renate' Yumi Winter& Leanne Fumiko Poe.
Renate' is "Yumi" and Leanne is "Fumi" (short for Fumiko) and we've been friends since high school.
With so many things in common from sports (we love playing volleyball), friends, the love of animals, to an appreciation for art & music, and for the past few years creating handmade cards and altered projects, we were destined to create a little something of our own.

We have been crafting since we were kids, but only a few years ago did we really dive in to the crafting world. Ever since then we've caught the bug and hope we are never cured! :)

Our characters Yumi & Fumi are based on what we thought we'd look like in chibi/anime form. We partnered up with a fantastic artist to create a stamp line that was different, cute, funky and fun FOR ALL.

We created this blog to share our new stamp line, Yumi & Fumi Handmade, and also to share our love of handmade crafts.

Here's a little bit more about Yumi & Fumi:

Renate' "Yumi" Winter (Owner/DT Coordinator)

Hello, my name is Renate' (Reh-nah-tay). I am a native L.A. "kid" and live happily with my wonderful boyfriend and loving dogs. I started stamping in the 1980's and spent most of my time making decorative albums for myself and friends. Since elementary school, I have loved making gifts for others and began altering many different items, as well as making cards. My love for crafting never fully went away, but definitely took a back seat for a while. But in creating 130 invitations (along with RSVP cards, programs, table numbers, and name cards...the whole shabang!) for one of my best friend's wedding several years ago, my love of creating found new life. It reminded me why I loved creating so much in the past. There is no better gift than to bring a smile to someone's face with something handmade. I am completely new to blogging, but with the encouragement of good friends (especially my super-bud Leanne) and the absolute support (and crafty helping hand) of my man...I am entering this new world. Can't wait to share the smiles!


Leanne Fumiko Poe aka "Fumi" (Owner/DT Coordinator)

Let's see, I've always loved crafts and making things. I started out with scrapbooking, but found out it was too stressful and I didn't have enough patience nor energy for it. Then my good friend, Renate, introduced me to cardmaking.. I loved it! I have added other projects than just cardmaking, but I think cardmaking is my first love. It's something that I enjoy a lot, besides volleyball which is my second love... I am so excited to be a part of this amazing company and I hope you all will welcome us in to your home and hearts.  I am so thankful to Renate' for bringing me in to this world of handmade wonders.  This is going to be an awesome ride!  
MFS (Mahalo For Stopping) :)