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Yumi & Fumi Handmade 2012 Winter Release

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Hello everyone!!
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Welcome to release day at Yumi & Fumi Handmade.  We're excited to be able to share our 2012 Winter images with you!  Make sure you read all the way through, you don't want to miss out on anything. 

When we came up with this series we wanted to do something fun.  Creating a character like Bob the Yeti and having him decorated with Christmas lights was fun and so were Yeti Yumi & Yeti Fumi as his decorators.  When we came up with the outfits we went to the internet for inspiration.  The same can be said of both Winter Yumi and Winter Fumi.  And our last new character in the series, Winter Chuckles named after my cousin Chuck, was so fun to visualize and create.  Amy did a wonderful job with this series and we hope you feel the same.  As with all of our other stamps, these stamps are made of deeply etched red rubber onto cling mount, scroll cut, indexed and beautifully packaged individually.  All are made in the USA.

I could go on and on about how cute and cuddly this series is but why don't I let our designers and guest designers show you with their creations instead?  As with our previews we are very fortunate to have a few crafty friends help us out.  Sit back and enjoy the rest of the post and don't be surprised if you end up with some ideas to create your own holiday projects.  I would be so appreciative if you would stop by their blogs and leave them some well-deserved LOVE. Just click on their names and you'll be directed to their blogs.  You might also see some creations from our preview, I thought they deserved a second view as they were all beautiful.

First up, let's meet who I like to call our "Winter" crew.  Only because "Winter" is in part of their name.  There are 3 characters in the "Winter" crew.  Yumi & Fumi are back and we are excited to introduce one of two new characters.  His name is Winter Chuckles and he was created with a very special guy in mind.  Chuckles is the nickname of my cousin Chuck.  He's always got a smile on his face that is very infectious and all you want to do is hug him.  He's the epitome of kindness and embodies the Aloha spirit.  Once you meet him you'll want to be around him all the time.  Renate, Sandie & Rosemary have been very fortunate to meet him and they just love this guy as much as I do.  We think Amy did a wonderful job with his likeness!
Say hello to Winter Chuckles

Created by Eva Uyeunten:

Created by Leanne Poe

Created by Rosemary Shaner Bridges:

The second character in our Winter group is actually Ms. Winter herself.  Now if most of you didn't know Winter happens to be Renate's last name and we all know that Yumi is her middle name so this was kizmit for us when we named her.  Here she is in her fabulous outfit looking fierce!!
Say hello to Winter Yumi

Created by Eva Uyeunten:

Created by Guest Taylor Usry:

Created by Guest Jessica Diedrich:

The last character from the "Winter" crew is Winter Fumi. Yes that is Fumi who you probably didn't recognize because of her hair right?  This time around she's got her hair down instead of up in her signature pom-poms.  Hey it can get pretty chilly in the winter so she needs her long locks to help her keep warm.
Say hello to Winter Fumi 

Created by Sandie Dunne:

Created by Guest Cyndi Kim

Created by Leanne Poe:

Are you still with me?  Hope so cause we aren't done!!  {hahaha}
Now I'd like to introduce you to who I like to call our "Yeti" crew and yes, it's because "Yeti" is part of their name.  There are 3 "Yeti" characters, Yeti Yumi, Yeti Fumi and Bob the Yeti.  Each will be sold separately, but the cool thing is they can be used together or as singles.  Yeti Yumi is up first.  She's got the cutest fuzzy outfit that keeps her warm and toasty.  Her accessories consist of fuzzy legwarmers and a string of Christmas lights; now all she needs is something to decorate...
Say hello to Yeti Yumi

Created by Kim Yu:

Created by Guest Amy Young

Yeti Fumi is up next and she's bundled up in her cute hooded jacket also ready to decorate with her string of lights.  Now what mischief do these two have up their sleeves? 
 Say hello to Yeti Fumi

Created by Kim Yu:

Created by Guest Amy Young

Created by Leanne Poe

Ready to meet our second newest character and the last in our "Yeti" group?  His name is Bob the Yeti and he's cute, cuddly and very patient.  You'd have to be with Yumi and Fumi around and uh oh, looks like they found a target for their decorating project.  He doesn't seem to mind being their guinea pig, he actually looks pleased with his decorations if his glowing smile is any indication. 
A few things to note: he's a a lot bigger than any of our other stamps at a whopping 3.9" tall with a "hug" span of 4.25"!  Now when we first previewed him he was just Yeti, but we thought since everyone else has a name why not give him one?
Please say hello to the newly dubbed Bob the Yeti

(Created by Guest, Danni Bindel:

Created by Guest Carisa Zglobicki:

Created by Guest Mary Johnson

 Created by Guest Lou Mac:

Isn't he just the cuddliest?  {hehe}
And last I had to reshare Eva's wonderful holiday cards with the "Yeti" crew:
 And there you have it friends, wasn't that fun?!  I can't express how Thankful I am to our designers and guests Danni, Cyndi & Carisa.  Also Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy holiday schedules to help us with this release as well as the previews.  Their creations put me in the holiday mood and I hope you all caught their spirit!! 
Now if you've gone through to the end hooray!!  Thank you for reading all the way through!!

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Shar said...

Oh my Gosh!!! I love this release!! I love the Yeti collection!!! AMAZING!! I love Yumi & Fumi images always will but I have to say BOB is my FAV!!!
Great Job ladies!!!

Carisa said...

I love all the samples and this great new collection. Thank you again for asking me to join in the fun!!! :D

Leanne said...

Awesome creations ladies!! Thank you for getting me in the Holiday mood.
We rock!!

Denice said...

I love the new releases...they look so warm and cuddly! The DT and GDT did a fabulous job on all of these cuties!