Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to our March Guest Designer

Morning everyone!

Today we'd like to say a big MAHALO to Denice Bartucci for being our fabulous guest designer for January and February.  She regaled us with humorous stories and gorgeous creations to keep us wanting more each week.  We're sad to say Aloha to her but know she won't be going too far. 
Thanks Denice you will always be a part of our ohana...

As we say Thank you to Denice we also say Welcome to our March Guest Designer. 
Say a big ALOOOOHA to Ms. Thanh Vo
Thanh Vo Yummy Creations

Hello there! I’m Thanh (pronounced “tan”). I live in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada in a suburban apartment. I'm so excited to be joining the Yumi & Fumi Handmade team for March! I've been admiring the cute images for awhile now and when I met Leanne and Renate at CHA in January, I knew they had my heart! I work full-time during the day and can be found in my little craftin' haven at night either sipping a cup of tea or a yummy martini! I'm also currently designing for Your Next Stamp and I'm a Bartender at Raise the Bar. If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my blog. Take care and I look forward to creating with you.
 Here is her first official Yumi & Fumi Handmade card featuring Yumi with Fan.

Here are the list of Copics that she used:

Thanh will start her term on Friday and will be here for the month of March.  Stop by every Tuesday as she'll be starting where Denice left off.

Of course we had to ask her to fill out our DT survey:
1. Social butterfly or Timid Turtle?
Flutter, flutter, flutter.

2. Sunrise or Sunset?
I love sunrises! There’s something so appealing about the quiet mornings.

3. Fruity or Minty?
Oh this is a tough one. How about fruity gummy candies and minty chocolate.

4. Ocean or Mountain?
I’m not a swimmer and my area of Canada is surrounded by mountains so I would say mountain!

5. City or Small town?
Definitely a City girl.

6. Cadbury or Hershey?
Mmm… the Cadbury chocolates in Canada are delicious!

7. Nutty or Smooth?
Peanut butter? Smooth, please! Personality, nutty! lol

8. Paper, plastic or reusable?
I am always collecting things and I don't need more things - so please let it be recyclable.

9. Flip flops or sneakers?
Give me a comfy pair of sneakers and I can run around all day long.

10. Coke or Sprite?

11. Fairy or Vixen?
Depending on the time of day, I can be sweet as a fairy or vengeful like a vixen.

12. Vampire or Werewolf?’
I only likes ones that are named Angel, Spike and Oz. ;)

13. CAS or Not enough embellishments?
How about a medium of both? I love patterned papers so I normally let those speak to me and go from there.

14. Copics or Other?
I love my Copics.

15. Rubber or Digital?
I love the feel and smell (yes, I said smell) of a rubber stamp in my hand so my vote goes to rubber.

16. To glitter or not to glitter?
No glitter. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE. Give me a bottle of Stickles, though, and I'm a happy stamper!

17. 3-D or the flatter the better?
If I'm mailing the card, I design flat and if I am hand delivering the card, I try adding more layers.

18. Ribbons or Flowers?
Ribbon is more versatile.

19. Tim Holtz or Tim Gunn?
I had to Google Tim Gunn so I’m going to go with Tim Holtz on this one, lol!

20. I can’t live without this crafty item…
My Scotch ATG Gun!
Oh I have a feeling she'll fit right in with our team! 

Challenge #10 ends on Friday, March 1st at noon.
Challenge #11 starts on Sunday, March 3rd

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Have a fabulous day and stop by Thanh's blog to say hello and welcome her to the team.


Blankina said...

Hi!! Great card lovely colouring and is it correct that you have been Dt on the TGF too in the past??
Looking forward to see your cards,

HUgs Blankina

eva said...

hi thanh! can't wait to see more of your creations!

hapagirlren said...

THANH!!!!!! YAYE!!! Hugs from Los Angeles my friend :) Welcome Welcome Welcome! Super stoked to have you on board with us as a GDT and what a way to debut! Super cool card <3 Such rich colors...LOVE IT!

Denice said...

Congrats Thanh, what a bright and wonderful card! If it wasn't for you I'm not sure I'd have given black hair a try, your creativity is an inspiration.