Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ahhhh..yeahhh...Winner & Top 3 for Challenge #20!!!

Aloha Party People! hehehe...

It's time to post the winner and top 3 of Challenge #20! 
Well, it was time to do this several hours ago, 
but since a blog post from moi is such a rarity, 
my blog timing sensibility is a bit askew, slow, off...basically, what I'm trying to say is

It was SO fun visiting everyone's blogs and enjoying all the creativity you've shared with us.  You all totally rock!!!  And of course, thank you to our loyal fans who play in the blog sandbox with us every day and a huge welcome to the new kids, too! 
It's a big sandbox and we welcome the ENTIRE neighborhood...yes we do...
we share our toys...we're good like that...yup yup yup

Drum roll please......

The winner of Challenge #20 
$15 gift certificate 

(you have to kind of sing it to get the best effect. go ahead...try it again...Ooooohhhhleeeeeevveeeaaahhhhhhh!!!)

And although EVERYONE brought some
seriously creative & amazing cards to the playground, 
our little random picker dude (that's the official name of that thing, you know) 
chose these cool kids as the Top 3 
(listed in no particular order)

hey guuurrrrrllll!!! new to the sandbox...way to go!!!

Lisa T.
you know you cool like that...oh yeaaaaahhhhh....

hey now! show em' how it's done Ms. B!

Yes, I AM this goofy
early in the morning.

High 5's to everyone!!!!  Secret sandbox handshake tutorial to follow
(just kidding...if I told you...I'd had have to....well, you know)
Each of the Top 3 will receive a 10% coupon code (valid for 2 weeks) 
 to use in the Yumi & Fumi Handmade store, but ya gotta email me...Renate' to get your coupon codes!!  
AND...this is very have to indicate the challenge number 
in the subject line/title of your email...pretty please <3

So what does one ALSO get when claiming victory in the playground you may ask? 
  You can choose from the many different types of badges I've created over several past challenges and then I'll personalize it for you
OR I'm feeling like maybe a new Hang Loose badge is in order.


So browse below and choose the # badge you'd like
or let me know if you'd like a brand new Hang Loose themed badge, 
  Email me ( either way
It's for your blog or FB page and I want you to be happy and proud to wear it.  

Here are the winners badges... 

Olivia please choose your badge from the Winner Badges below
or let me know if you wanna wait for a new Hang Loose themed badge:

and the Top 3 will each get to choose their very own badge from the Top 3 Badges (shown below)
or you three can also let me know if you wanna wait for a new Hang Loose themed badge:

My creative juices are flowing, but it does take some time to create new badges.  Please do let me know what you'd like as soon as you can...before I have to leave the sandbox and go back to school (or you know...that thing we AHHHH!!!!)

Again, big thank yous to everyone for playing in our challenge and remember, new games are startin' tomorrow!!! Stop by again tomorrow to check out the new challenge.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! (Wow, I really gotta stop yelling...)

Hugs  & Smiles,


Olivia said...

Whoa.....oollllliiivvviiaa is doing a happy dance! Thanks so much everyone and will be in touch soon.

Tiziana Biagioli said...

I am very happy to be in the top 3 .... thanks a lot. I love your stamps and cards of your dt..XOXO

She's a Color Queen said...


Blankina said...

Thanks!! Will mail my choose of badge as soon as I come home from my holidays!!

Big hugs,