Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mahalo Sandie & Eva!

Good morning everyone,
Today it is with a sad heart that I announce that two of our beautiful friends and fellow teammates, Sandie Dunne & Eva Uyeunten have decided to step down from the team. We're really gonna miss them. Both ladies will always be a part of the Yumi & Fumi ohana. As we say MAHALO and ALOOOOHAAA, never good-bye, I wanted to share some of their beautiful projects that brought life to our images.
Here are projects created by Sandie:
And here are some created by Eva:
Pretty amazing yea?!  We will definitely miss them and wish them all the best in their next journey.  Please make sure to keep in touch with them by following their blogs as we will definitely be doing the same.
Sandie & Eva,
Mahalo for being here at the beginning of our journey and for giving us an amazing year of gorgeous projects, friendships and love.  We are so very sorry to see you both go, but you know we wish you all the best in everything.  You will always be a part of the Yumi & Fumi ohana.
Take care and Thank you again.  We'll be seeing you in and around blogland!
PS ~ Stop by tomorrow when I share our new teammates joining our ohana. 

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kanatanewf said...

I have always enjoyed and been inspired by both Sandie's and Eva's gorgeous creations. Sad to hear news that they are stepping down.