Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Tuesday with Fumi Panda

I love having the wonderful opportunity to post every Tuesday at Y&F H during the month of January, which IMHO is one of the best perks of being the January GD. I thought I'd share a card I made using Fumi Panda, a new stack of Pink Paisley Secret Crush DP I bought last week,  and Jen Shults' DS#83.

If you were a mouse sitting in the corner of my craft area while I made this card, this is just a few of the comments you might have heard me saying out loud to myself....

"Grrrr...I only own a handful of border punches, where did it go?!!"
"SA-weet paper...I love this pink stripe!" 
"I LOVE this Washi tape...I wonder if Michael's has more?!" 
"!@$%*!!#*?!...why can't I tie a bow?"
"I need more heart buttons."
"Pandas don't have pink bellies, I wonder if anyone will think she looks like a cow?"

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20, R22
Hair: R08, YR16
Eyes: G24
Costume: N1, N4, N8, R000, R81, R83, Silver Spica

I hope everyone has a great week, see you next Tuesday!


Leanne said...

hehehe, she's so cute! Not a cow at all. This is so cool Denice!
Wish I was the fly on the wall listening to your convo, pretty funny!

cebelica said...

Lol, your comments to yourself made me laugh. He he. :D
Even without a bow and with the pink belly panda this card looks fantastic! :)
Hugs! xx

hapagirlren said...

oh my goodness...your post had me laughing and smiling!!!! that was really delightful :) and so was your sweet card. the Kigurumi series is really on of my favorites <3 and you did a wonderful job!!!!

city said...
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