Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Y&FH Design Team Call


We're having a Design Team call and your invited to apply!!

Yumi & Fumi Handmade are three friends (Renate’, Leanne & Zach) who work demanding full time jobs. Our Yumi & Fumi work begins when we get home, sometimes late in to the evenings, and on the weekends. We are enthusiastic about our product and we are looking for individuals who will share our same enthusiasm and want to help us grow. We have a small, wonderfully talented design team and are seeking to add several more talented crafters/bloggers to our ohana. Having a supportive and enthusiastic team helps us through each day and reminds us that it's all worthwhile.

This DT call is open to everyone, everywhere and will close on June 1, 2013 11:59pm, PST, U.S.

The individuals selected will be notified via email and announced prior to their term.

To apply:
Email your responses to fumi(at)yumifumihandmade(dot)com and in the subject line please type DT Call:
Answer the questions below:

*Your name and what city, state or country you call home (examples: Taylor Smith, Los Angeles, CA; Samantha Cummings, Australia)
*Your E-mail address
*Your Blog address
*A brief bio of yourself to include your creative interests
*Crafting specialties (don’t be shy about bragging, we’re definitely looking for a variety)
*Email three of your favorite creations that will tell us about your crafting style (cards, 3-D projects, altered items, scrapbooking layouts, mixed media, etc…)

The following are not mandatory to either own or be a part of, but more informative for our benefit:
*Design Teams: How many teams are you currently designing for?  Please list them (If you do not belong to any, no worries, it’s definitely not a requirement)
*Have you ever had any of your creations published? (If so, briefly list 2-3; again this is not a requirement)

The following questions relate to our brand:
*How did you hear about our company?
*Do you own any Y&FH stamps? If so, which ones? If not, what has stopped you from purchasing them?
*Have you participated in our challenges? If yes, what do you like most about them? If not, what stopped you from joining?

The following information is what is expected from a team member:
-Must have a regularly maintained blog and post to it weekly
-Must commit to a 6 month term (Term will begin on August 1st end January 31st with an option from us to renew at the end of your term)
-Must be able to meet established deadlines, but be prepared/spontaneous for the unexpected
-Participate in joint ventures with other companies. (This brings exposure to our brand but also to you)
-Required to create new items for new releases
-Required to create, depending on the subject, 1 project for each challenge (Bi weekly challenges)
-Leave comments on challenge participant's blogs
-Required to mail new cards, projects each month for our retail and CHA show displays (Details will be provided if you are chosen for the team)
-Required to post on the main blog from time to time
-Must be able to photograph, crop, straighten, and scan your own creations yourself. Your photos must be clear and of good quality
-To help us spread the word we will require you to share your projects, (in addition to your blog) on: Pinterest, Facebook, Split Coast Stampers and any other social media you think will garner a lot of interest
-All other DT details will be provided to you if chosen for the DT

We're almost done... Lastly,

Answer these 3 questions:
1.We’re a small company with a pretty good amount of exposure, how will you be able to help us get the word out to others that might not know about us?
2.Our challenges have not gained a large amount of participants, how would you help us get new individuals to participate and keep coming back?
3.Can you be an enthusiastic designer for Yumi & Fumi Handmade?  If so, how? For example:
   * Would you use a Yumi & Fumi Handmade image not only when required for challenge inspirations or following the calendar but for fun, possibly as a submission to being published?
   * We like to have special events, would you be enthusiastic about spreading the word about them and getting others to participate?

Alrighty!  If you’ve read through till now, awesome! We realize it’s a lot to demand, think about and consider, but we feel that it’s necessary for our brand and our fans. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of please submit your responses before June 1st to fumi(at)yumifumihandmade(dot)com and in the subject line add DT CALL.

Whether you are chosen or not we will notify you via email.

Thanks so much!
Yumi & Fumi Handmade

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