Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Team Ohana, Thank you!!

Couldn't forget to say a big MAHALO to our behind the scenes ohana.  They are the ones that helped with the little & big projects that we needed to make our booth functional and cute for the Carson show.  Whether it was building us displays that rocked, or helped prep the make n' takes, there was no job too small or large that they could not handle.  Over the times we had different friends and family come and help or support and we are so very grateful for all of them.  We always had a good time and I think they did too.  They were not from the crafty world but they knew how to talk to people and lets face it, whether you are a crafter or not you can find the same language some how.  I guess Yumi & Fumi did that, broke the barrier between the non-crafter and the crafter.  At least I'd like to think so...  Anyhoos, I'd like to share some pictures of our wonderfully AWESOME crew and say Thank you to them for their love and support... We're lucky we get to hang out with them any time...


Thanks Jenny!

Thanks for the amazing displays Mike!!

Thanks Kat!


Thanks Chuck & Kat!!

Thanks Masako!

Thanks Jovana, Jesse, Kathy & Masako!

When all is said and done these are the people who helped us get through those weekends.  We appreciate the times spent on the prep, the set-up, the hours of fun and hard work, the tear down and the celebrations.  We could not have found another hard working or fun-loving group like you.  Thank you all for your support & friendship and for being a part of the Yumi & Fumi ohana!

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Sheena Brooks said...

I REALLY wish I lived closer to you guys - like in the same COUNTRY!!! It looks like the shows were a lot of fun. It would have been great to meet everyone in person - I LOVE all the big smiles.