Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Y&FH debuts at Carson Rubber Stamp Show

Hey everyone!!
It's Leanne and I'm here to share some new things happening at Yumi & Fumi Handmade.  Our very first challenge is starting on Sunday, hope you will all play.  The website/store is almost done and boy is it looking amazing!  Zach & Renate' are working really hard to get it just right for everyone to enjoy. Also wanted to share some of the pictures from our debut at the Carson Rubber Stamp Show in July.  This might be kind of lengthy, but pretty fun.

Did you know that we now have a Facebook page?  Just type in Yumi & Fumi Handmade in the search box and become part of our group.  We would love for you to come by and say hi and maybe upload some pictures of your Yumi & Fumi creations.  We have pictures from our show and will in the future have lots of fun shares from our team and hopefully you.  So come on by and let us know you're out there.
We are also gearing up for our next stamp release.  Look for it soon!
Here are some pictures from our debut as Yumi & Fumi Handmade at the Carson Rubber Stamp Convention back in July.  We received a warm welcome and people were really excited to see us showcasing our new stamps and business.  I think everyone recognized our yellow walls when they walked in.  They didn't recognize the logo but they did recognize the merchandise.  Once we explained that we were the same company that was there in early March just a changing of the guard so to speak they were relieved and very happy to see all of us again. 
A really nice crafter said , "I had to find your booth!!" which totally made my weekend!  What was really nice and surprising to find out was we were one of the booths that people were looking for.  Not just looking for but hoping would be there.  How can the weekend not be great after hearing that compliment? 
We were blessed with our spot at the show this time around.  We took advantage of that back wall and set up our booth with all four walls next to each other.  Then we had our set up with La-La Land Crafts at the far left, next to them were our Sister Stamps displays, in the center were our Y&FH stamps and samples, next was Sparkle stamps and last on the far right were The Greeting Farm stamps and samples.  Tons of gorgeous samples by DTs who make me drool when they create things.  I wish I could show you the close ups of some of the samples but that would be cheating, and our DT wanted to reveal them in later posts.  Believe me when I say, they are gorgeous!!

The other nice thing was that it was a smaller show than the March or November shows.  Less vendors so it was more intimate.  We partnered up with Pixie Boutique and first timer Sesame Bijoux and had a pretty terrific weekend.  Kathy from Pixie Boutique was there selling the adorable TGF stamps and Jenny from Sesame Bijoux (Bee-joo) was there selling her gorgeous handmade jewelry.  Anyone that passed our booth did double takes because all they saw were sparkly gems.  They were pleasantly surprised and pretty excited.  Jenny was also making dragonflies made out of pretty yarn.  She had a lot of ladies asking if she was doing a make and take but no she was only making more to sell as keychains or accessories.

We had our usual make & take table. Saturday we did a tag featuring Ukulele Luka of La-La Land Crafts and a choice of two cards featuring Do-Si-Do Anya and Miss Anya Shine from The Greeting Farm.  Check out Kathy's blog for pictures of the cards.  They were super sweet and fun to make.

On Sunday we debuted our first Y&FH make & take. The ladies got to create a circular card featuring either Yumi or Fumi from the Yumi & Fumi stamp set.  We kept the base of the samples the same, they just had to choose which image of the two they wanted to use.  We had a really good stream of crafters who came in early on Sunday to sit and chat while coloring up our characters.  Here are a few fun shots and if you would like to see all the pictures, just head on over to our FB group page.

  Lots of smiles that weekend and we hope a lot of happy new friends.  Everyone was so nice and they all did such a terrific job with their coloring and adding their special touches to their cards.  We especially loved that everyone wanted to stay at our table and just color and create.  They said the images were so cute and made them happy.  How could they not leave without a smile, and a few stamps to get them started?  One of the fun things that people were excited about was receiving a limited edition Y&FH tote bag.

Here are more pictures of some visitors who came just to support us and also share who else was in our booth helping Yumi & Fumi make their debut.

As you can see everyone was having a great time!  We were having a blast and wished the day didn't end so soon.
Our debut was way better than what we could have expected. The warm welcomes, excitement for the new adventure as well as seeing the old stamp lines was pretty awesome.  The best part was the smiles people had coming in to our booth and of them leaving with those same smiles.  We'd like to say Mahalo to everyone that visited us, purchased from all our stamp lines and gave us those memorable moments on our debut. We hope to see you all back in November!!

I would like to thank everyone that helped us make it to this day.  Without their help not sure it would have been successful. Thanks to Zach, Renate's parents Mr. & Mrs. Winter, my momma Cynthia Poe, Masako, Mike, Kathy, Jenny, our amazing DT for their gorgeous samples.  Thanks Sandie, Rosemary, Rachel, Eva & lastly to Kim who not only got us samples for Yumi & Fumi, but also for our Sparkle Creations table. Thanks to Irina for all the La-La Land Crafts samples and Jenny from Sister Stamps for her samples.  Samples truly do make our booth a happy place. I can't tell you how many people were in awe..

Okie dokie, I'll stop now. hehe
I hope it wasn't too boring! :)

Don't forget to check out our first challenge on Sunday. 

Mahalo for stopping by!
Take care!!


eva said...

thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Jenny said...

I spied Sister Stamps too! Congrats on your debut!

Rachel Parys said...

Awesome!! Great job, love all the pics!

Cami said...

Congrats again Leanne! Hey, that's a pic of you and my BFF in CA...she's wearing the turquoise top in the 4th to the last pic! She was so excited about your stamps! I've forwarded this to her. Great pics and thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the web site to be up!


Sonia said...

Good Luck to all!
Thanks for sharing the photos.