Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hb2u -- part 2

Hello everyone!  It's Eva again!  Today I get to show you what is inside the card I shared with you last week.  I'm excited to finally share it!

Just a refresher of what the front of the card looked like.

The inside holds a giftcard!  But it is different in that you have to pull (actually rip) the little strip to get the card out.  I'll explain more in the photos below.

I started by finding a rectangle nestability that fit around my giftcard.  If you don't have a rectangle nestability, you can measure your giftcard and add a quarter inch above, below and to the left of the giftcard and cut it to that size.

I then used my circle punch.  I think it is a 5/8 inch circle.  Sorry, I'm not sure but any small circle punch or even a small circle nestability would do.  I punched a little half circle notch.

Then I took my serrated tracing wheel which is a sewing tool but it's great to perforate little holes in paper (it's harder to use on cardstock which is why I used paper).  And it's not too expensive, just a couple dollars or so.  I placed my rectangle onto my scoreboard and used the wheel to make holes almost all the way down.  I did this on both sides of the little notch I made in the previous step.  Make sure you don't move the wheel too much up and down cause then it'll just rip the paper.  I moved the wheel down once and then took my piercer and poked the holes again to make sure the holes went through.

This is how it looks on the back.  I then traced the gift card on the back of the rectangle with the giftcard flush to the side with the notch.

At this point, I realized I don't wanna rip my cute paper so I did the steps again with paper I wouldn't mind tearing to show you as an example.  And I also cut out a scalloped rectangle nestability just larger than the rectangle from cardstock.  Also, added 1/4 inch double sided tape near the edge of the rectangle.  Use the pencil tracing from the previous step as a guide.  No tape on the side of the notch!

Then tape the rectangle onto the scalloped cardstock.  This is how it will look.  I slid the gift card through.  And it'll be snug but slide it in slowly without bending the paper.  You want it snug so the giftcard doesn't fall out! 

See, the little giftcard peeking through the notch?  Once you put the giftcard through, it's difficult to pull out with your fingers.  I had to use tweezers.  So it's probably best to have your giftcard ready and in the holder and then place on your card.

The recipient can then lift from the notch and rip it open!  Fun and interactive!  I know, maybe actually ripping the paper might give some of you heart palpitations.  But hopefully the recipient will enjoy it!

I added a little handcut arrow and stamped the word pull (from PTI's simple alphabet stamp set).

I was inspired to make this because I had seen a die that did something similar.  I wanted to get the die but thought I could challenge myself first by using tools I already have.   Hope you'll all try this out!  It might be especially fun for the kiddies or those who still act like kiddies!

Happy crafting and thanks for reading!



hapagirlren said...

how cool is that!!!!! awesome! :) i'm SO gonna try this...

Mimi said...

cool idea!! nice way to cover up the gift card for a surprise! ;D

Denice said...

Fun, fun, fun! I have a Cutterbee piercer that I can use for this...and you can bet that I'm going to give this fabulous tutorial a try!

Rachel Parys said...

Love it! Such a smart idea!! I was wondering how you perforated the paper, brilliant!!

Cheryl said...

Neat tutorial! Ha ha, nooooo, don't rip the cute banner paper!

Anonymous said...

That tracing wheel idea is so great!! Thanks for this wonderful tutorial =)

Sonia said...

Thanks Eva por your lovely project.
Great JOB!~