Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bookmark Tutorial

Aloha! Lisa here with a quick and easy tutorial - a bookmark tutorial. Perfect for this time of year with the kids returning to school!

I always use at least 3 layers of cardstock/paper when I make my bookmarks. This makes them sturdy enough to last. You can really make your bookmark any size, of course, but these are the measurements that I used:

main layer (use cardstock - the sturdier, the better) - 2.5 X 6.75"
decorative top layer (I usually use patterned paper) - 2.25 X 6.5"
back "cover" - 2 3/8 X 6 5/8"

In addition, you'll need a short piece of ribbon and your colored and trimmed image. I used Yumi with Messenger Bag. She's perfect for school related projects! (Speaking of school related projects - don't forget that our current challenge theme is Back to School.)

After assembling the front of your bookmark, you'll need to add the ribbon. I use a small piece of doublestick tape to adhere a "v' of ribbon. I then cover the entire top edge/ribbon with a second piece of double stick tape. This helps the layers completely adhere over the ribbon.

The slightly smaller cover piece that I add to the back of my bookmarks makes them look more finished as well as making them more sturdy.

See? Easy peasy! These make great little teacher gifts, too. Now go on and give it a try! These are a really fun and quick project and a great way to use up your paper scraps!



Denice said...

How cute is this bookmark!?! I love that you can adjust the size and use some scraps, thanks for the great tutorial.

Sheena Brooks said...

Love it! You can never have too many bookmarks - especially with all the textbooks when kids go back to school.

Leanne said...

AWEsome tutorial Lisa!! I love the idea of giving the kids bookmarkers for school. This is adorable!!
Woo Hoo!! Great job!!