Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stamping on Tile!

Hi all, Melissa here and I'm going to show you how easy it is to stamp on tiles.  You can make your own drink coasters, tiles for your floor or walls...endless possibilities.

The supplies you are going to need to get started are your Yumi and Fumi Stamps, a Brilliance ink pad, and tumbled tiles.  Yes, my picture shows a StazOn pad, but you want Brilliance ink for stamping on tile.

Wipe off your tiles and let dry.  They always seem to have a powdery dust on them and you can't stamp on that successfully.

Begin stamping normally.  I used a small piece of paper to cover the bottom tiles when stamping so I didn't get any transfer that I didn't want.

Once you have your images stamped you must let them dry, dry, dry!!  You can help this along with a heat gun, but I let mine set overnight.  The images appear to be very clear, you don't notice how porous the tiles are until you start to color them.

Since they dried over night they are ready to go.  You will need  Copic Various ink, paint brushes or aqua brushes, and Copic Colorless blender.  I used a smooth tile as my palette and put single drips on it from the Various ink - you don't need much at all.  I also used paint brushes, they are more my thing than aqua brushes.  You really don't want to use your actual markers because the tiles will ruin your marker tips.

Using the tiniest bit of color on your brush you start.  Once you start to paint you will notice that since the tile is  porous the ink is sucked in quickly, and sometimes you will discover holes or chips become much more obvious.  They may fill with ink and appear darker (like my stamped Winter Yumi stamp-she has the hat).  Remember this is not paper, there is no true blending with the Copics on this because the ink sucks in.  Let the colors dry between applications (which happens quickly). Use the Colorless blender to dampen the Various ink colors on the palette when they become dry - remember you don't even need a drop to do this.

I wasn't thrilled with the way two of my tiles turned out because of  the appearance of holes and chips once painted so I separated them. Then I did some touch up work which included AJ's hair and I gave Fumi (with Bear Backpack) a little cheek color.

Once you have your images as you like and after they are completely dry you will want to apply a Sealant like Krylon.  If you are using your tiles for a coaster I would also recommend you pad the bottom with felt or material so the tiles don't scratch your table.  I also recommend that you have extra practice tiles, they don't always turn out the way you expect, but it is easy and fun to do. 


Blankina said...

This is terrific!! The first tiles I have seen..A super tutorial Melissa, I will pin it straight away,
Thanks for sharing!!
Hugs Blankina

Denice said...

I've never tried stamping on tile...what a fun and informative tutorial! TFS!

Sheena Brooks said...

oh my! This is an incredible tutorial. I've never tried this myself. Very cool.