Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project Life with Yumi and Fumi Handmade.

Good morning, Y&FH peeps! It's Corinne here, and today I will be showing you how easy it is to incorporate Yumi and Fumi Handmade into Project Life.

If you're not familiar with Project Life, basically, it's scrapbooking by sticking pics and journal cards into little clear plastics. You can either decorate them or just put the pictures in the pockets by themselves.

And I don't know about you, but I love mixing my love of stamps with my desire to document my family's life! This post will show you three ways of doing it!

On this first page, I made a little scene featuring Summer Yumi walking alongside a pier. The page was about the beach so I found a Y&FH stamp that matched and made the scene pretty simple (just like the pics).


On the second page, I basically just decorated a title card randomly - still matching with the Summer
theme, of course.
And last but not least, I take pictures of my cards and put them in as well. One, they can be used for decorating. And two, it's nice to preserve that card somehow. You can even look back and see how your style of cardmaking has evolved!
There you have it, folks!  Easy-peasy, right?  I love that you could pretty much use the Y&FH stamps in all of your crafty adventures!!
P.S.  For more pictures, please go to my blog            . 


Lynn said...

What a great combination...Y&FH stamps in the Project Life format. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got to do more with my stamps than just make cards.

Denice said...

LOVE this!
I've never started Project Life because I wasn't sure what to do.....thanks for some awesome inspiration!

Melissa said...

Really cool!!!

Sheena Brooks said...

Rinne, I have to say, you are so creative! Fantastic how you were able to incorporate stamping into your project life pages!

Leanne said...

Absolutely love this. I don't know if I could go back to scrapbooking, but this is something totally different that I would definitely love to try some day. Fabulous job of incorporating Yumi and Fumi in to your projects. So awesome!! Great job Rinne!!

Blankina said...

Wow this is such a great way of using the YFH stamps..excellent!!
Hugs Blankina

RiNNE said...

Thanks for the love, everyone!!

hapagirlren said...

YOu've INspIReD Me!!!!!!! I'm gonna do some project life stuff now :) hehehe...awesome job!

Kathy Dinh said...

Oh My Goodness! floored Makes me want to give scrapbooking another try...LOL Loving how you incorporated the scene, YF stamps, and pics here!